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Mass production

During the mass production ofproducts, the common mistakes made by the customers include hasty bid invitingand retaliatory price-cutting, which may lead to irretrievable loss, andimmediate abortion of a good product in its rapid growth period, and even thecompany’s survival. Orea's supply chain team has deep awareness of theenterprise product growth method, relying on their rich experience accumulatedby successfully assisting dozens of companies in producing hundreds ofproducts, they can provide excellent supply chain management service, pre-judgethe potential risks for your company, make corresponding emergency warningschemes, and 100% guarantee the successful matching of mass-production products,and also save the total cost of the customers with good economic efficiency.

Quality Control

1. Sub-supplier/raw material sub-suppliers’ goodsshall be approved to have good quality capacity to ensure the purchased partsmeet quality requirement. The delivered batches of products shall be approvedto meet relevant requirements and abide by required improvement measures. Rawmaterial/internal residual material shall be delivered/stored as stipulated.

2.Production process (each procedure), including personnel quality, productionequipment/tool mold, transportation/removal/storage/package, shall be paidstrict attention.

3.Customer concern/customer satisfaction meets customers’ requirements on qualitycontrol system, product and process; customer complaint shall be reactedquickly to ensure product supply; if there is any deviation from qualityrequirement, it shall do defect analysis and implement improvement measures;staff quality shall meet corresponding post requirement.

Product Supply Guarantee

We aimat meeting customer requirement, and abide by the orientation of speed,quality, flexibility and cost, also relying on strong production and supplierresources, through teamwork and parallel production, we succeed in optimizingproduct’s production process, regulate the production mode to guarantee the highquality, high efficiency, low cost for supplying products by large batches.