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“Tianhe” Super Computer

Project name:“Tianhe” Super Computer

Design time:Design time: May 2012
Link website:http://military.people.com.cn/n/2013/0617/c364869-21869328.html
Customer name:National Defence University PLA China

Product introduction: Product introduction: Milky Way 2 super computer system, developed by National University of Defense Technology, is the fastest super computer in the world and one of the key projects of national 863 Program. Structural,ID and thermal design of Tianhe 2 are self-developed by Orea. Compared with Titan system, the floor area of Tianhe 2 accounts for 85%, with the performance doubled. High-density and accuracy assembly structures, front and rear insertion and horizontal blind insertion have been achieved based on backboard. Computing density reaches international leading level:high-density and accuracy structural, micro-heterogeneous computing matrix framework, system fault tolerant array, parallel programming model, high-speed interconnection network, accelerated storage framework, and consumption control.

Main work:requirement analysis, specification design, system design, industrial design, structural design, thermal design, electromagnetic shielding design, power distribution design, wiring design, sample machine trial-manufacture, pre-production optimization, volume production

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