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Inspur TS K1 Minicomputer

Project name:Inspur TS K1 Minicomputer

Design time:May 2009
Link website:http://www.inspur.com/server/k10925/index.html
Customer name:Inspur Group Co.,Ltd.

Product introduction: Inspur TS K1 system is the result of “high-end fault tolerance computer development and application promotion” project, a major special project of national 863 Program. The product marks China becomes the third country to master the new-generation host technology. K1 super computer system has combined many advanced engineering technologies and design concepts, realized high performance, high density, high reliability and other technical advantages. It also has very stable hardware system available for sustained and continuous operation, with annual downtime of only several hours. Industrial design has integrated with multiple engineering technologies, which gives the core computing capacity of the a great breakthrough. Relying on excellent industrial design, TS K1 has won the gold award of “Red Star Award” in 2011.

Main work:requirement analysis, specification design, system design, industrial design, structural design, thermal design, electromagnetic shielding design, power distribution design, wiring design, sample machine trial-manufacture, pre-production optimization, volume production

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