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Inspur 8-way TS850 Server

Project name:Inspur 8-way TS850 Server

Design time:January 2010
Link website:http://www.inspur.com/products/channel_server/ts_13188.shtml
Customer name:Inspur Group Co.,Ltd.

Product introduction: TS850, the first domestically self-designed 8-CPU high-end server mainly relying on “national key laboratory for efficient server and storage technology”, has been promoted by Inspur. It achieves 8 independent designs on system level with seven key features and more than 20 RAS characteristics, as the information equipment for information strategy and core service platform for cloud computing, and will be widely applied in bank transaction settlement, security pricing transaction, power dispatching, air traffic control for civil aviation, super computing center, Human Genome Project and other key applications, which will play an important role in social living and national economic construction.

Main work:requirement analysis, specification design, system design, industrial design, structural design, thermal design, electromagnetic shielding design, power distribution design, wiring design, sample machine trial-manufacture, pre-production optimization, volume production

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