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Orea Company is devoted to the research on conversion process andmethod for hi-tech achievements. The conversion of scientific and technologicalachievements actually is the process of scientific and technological innovation,from idea emerging to concept materialization, and then the process is composedof the following typical steps, engineering, commercialization, industrialization,and finally internationalization. In a series of innovative steps, capacity ofinnovative main body and organization to become engineering is quite important.Engineering technical team of Orea Company is the combination ofmulti-disciplinary, multi-professional, and multi-knowledge in R&D field,which involves in supply-chain management, technical or product testingevaluation, standardization, intellectual property operation and other fields.To deal with complicated technology or product system development in modernscience and technology, Orea Company continues to research engineeringdevelopment system of new technology or new product, including technicalplatform development, organization process development. The industrialinnovation model will be improved and become more efficient.

Design level and technical strength of Orea Company has won broadcompliment in high-end customer group inChina. We will make every effort tohelp domestic enterprises to break the bottleneck of products in the process ofproduct development, improve the comprehensive innovative strength for domestichigh-end products and critical equipment, and also enhance the national brand’sinternational competitiveness in high-end field.