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 Integrated Product Development Management System

Original Design Development is a systematicdevelopment management method which is developed by Orea herself on the basisof IPD, an advanced product development process in the world, and incombination with the domestic innovative R&D requirements, and acts as the roadmapfor innovative product design and development.

IBM, Boeing, Nokia,Cisco, Apple and many other top foreign enterprises have started to researchthe efficient product development mode as early as 20 years ago, which provesthat lack of research on basic technology and development mode is the root forbackward design and development capacity of domestic products. Orea Company isthe first domestic design service that adopts integrated development andmanagement system, and it also summarizes a brand-new innovation, design anddevelopment system for Chinese products by referring to product development andmanagement practice of IBM, HUAWEI and other famous companies, and learningfrom a great deal of successful cases of domestic enterprises.

ODD original design development system has greatly improved theefficiency and success rate of traditional development work. Firstly, itdramatically shortens the product design and development time. Developmentperiod for complicated products is reduced from twelve to nine months, and forgeneral products, the period from six to four months; at this time, productdesign and development quality is commonly improved, the project developmentfalse and loss are also reduced from 18% to 3%, and the one-time passing rateof model machine is up to 98%. Through introducing ODD system flow, OreaCompany helps to raise the development efficiency of customers’ products by 12%and increase conversion rate of scientific and technologic achievements by 45%,by which the entire R&D level of the enterprise is greatly optimized, and thecompany also acquires significant effect.


Adopting Cross-Department Product Development

Through effectivecommunication, coordination and policy-making, the company succeeds inpromoting its products to the market rapidly. PDF acts as the brain of projectoperation, also an integrated complex, which is composed of members withdifferent professional backgrounds from Orea Company and its cooperativeorganizations. PDF team has strong ability to read and understand technicallanguage, which is the basis for the team to analyze technical difficulties,deconstruct and segment fixed system and make breakthrough. Orea Company agreesthat innovation of real significance shall be achieved by breaking throughprofessional barrier and technical obscura, penetrating all the professionalboundaries for organic combination. This ability shall rely on allocation ofnecessary technical resources and efficient communication channels, which shallcover the overall technical scope of the products and avoid “Buckets effect”.

Management of Problem Pipeline

It can be said thateach design project is composed of N problems, especially complex systemprojects, whose problems contain responsible derived relationship. Therefore,the key to deciding whether the expected objective of a development project canbe achieved is to find out the problem spots and relation in the background. Inthis step, it is mainly required to screen and solve the problem spots, findwhich points obstruct the realization of the objective and dead area in designrealization stage, try to expose the problem spots in advance, and follow up andsolve the problems in the form of pipeline, including follow-up management ofderived problem. In Orea Company, project development is conducted underprudent procedure management, and the existing problems of the project shall beaudited through getting aware of the key nodes. Problem solution is alsouniformly organized by PDT to ensure the validity of modified instruction;problems in the list are solved one by one under PDF follow-up guidance. Thenext step will start after the problem list is closed.


Concurrent Engineering

Relying on rigorousplan, accurate interface design, Orea Company successfully brings manysubsequent activities forward. Traditional design process adopts serial mode,which means that the next step can only be conducted after the last step isconducted. Some steps may be overlapped during the handover of tasks to ensurethe handover information is intact. But it’s possible to be forced to back tothe last step for adjustment or reduce original standard owing to some insurmountableproblems in development process, which will delay the entire project planningor lead to compromise on design objective. Serial mode for ODD process doesbetter on avoiding the incidence rate of such phenomenon, and guarantees acentralized and concurrent schedule during conceptual stage for each step ofthe process. The major advantage of the mode is to expose the potentialproblems in advance for centralized solution, which makes it possible to solvethe problems more easily, and meet the original requirements of the users tothe greatest extent, and at the meantime substantially reduce the repeat timesin the later period of the project and shorten the listing time of products.