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OreaTechCo., Ltd

OreaTechCo., Ltd was founded in 2003, engaging in high-end design andmanufacturing, with the qualification of National Hi-tech Enterprises, and alsothe reputation of “Top10IndustrialDesign Companies inChina”.It has established subsidiaries inBeijingand Shenzhen, and also product trial-manufacture center in Dongguan. Designteam of Orea Company is extremely professional based onintegratedengineering technological platform, owning multiple technicalintegration and design ability, and specializing in the research of whole-machinesystem integrated development, whose technical scope covers usable design,mechanical design,thermal designelectromagneticshielding design, power distribution design, reliable protection design andmany other professional fields. The company can provide creative design forcomplicated engineering system project, and analyze and restructure the project’shardware composition, framework structure, information transmission, operationutilization and other functional elements, which aims to achieve the optimaldesign and management objective for product development. Orea Company hasaccumulated 73 complex product development experience and successful cases incommunication and IT fields, and become one of few companies with fullyawareness of high-end communication products’ design and manufacturingtechnique on overall functions inChina. The product developmentconcept of the company is “user-oriented, manufacture-focused andcost-concerned”.

Main management level of Orea ScienceCo., Ltd has rich experience on IPD R&D and supply-chain management foryears. In the past ten years, the company has provided high-level productdevelopment supporting service for lots of scientific and technical enterprisesinChina,and attempted to explore the actual demand and R&D defection of domesticenterprises, and has established a targeted development management system onthe basis of IPD integrated product development mode. It can organize completeproject development team for the customers, introduce advanced projectmanagement method, and proceed with project management and product innovationmore efficiently, so achieving quick response, few mistakes, low cost, andimproving the products’stability, usability and productivity, which meets therequirements of a modern, scientific, technologic and professional enterprise.Orea Company mainly serves for the following industries: data communication, radioand television, information security, aerospace and aviation, war industry,finance, medical treatment and so on.

Orea Company adoptsTurn-keymode when cooperating with customers,and provides whole process service (including planning, design, trial manufacturing,testing, manufacturing, quality control and delivery) for the customers fromconcept demand to final product delivery. Its trial manufacturing centerestablished in Huahao Company inDongguan,Guangdongsucceeds in producing resources with richproducts ofGuangdong,which attributes to the rapid solution of all technical and processing problemsof customers from product design to mass production. Dongguan Huahao ScienceCo., Ltd., a core supporting service company for the whole machine supply toHuawei Company, has also established cooperation with Foxconn, Flextronics,HYTand many other famous manufacture,support and supply enterprise resources. As the wholly-owned enterprise ofHuahao Science inBeijing,Orea Company is responsible to provide Turnkey supporting service for customersexcept Huawei Company. Abiding by product development concept of“user-oriented,manufacture-focused and cost-concerned”, the company has always tried its bestto meet the supporting requirements for different combinations of customers.